24 Hour Film Competition (Fall 2016)


The Orange Television Network and Ottonomous Productions proudly present the 24 Hour Film Competition for Fall 2016!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/123450421456324/

Join up with your friends to form a team of roughly 3-10 members and come to the kickoff event at 6:30pm, Oct. 22 in the Hall of Languages, room 207.

Each team is given a genre of film, a character trait, and a line of dialogue they must include in the movie. Participants then have the next 24 hours to plan, write, shoot and edit their masterpiece.

Eligible films must be sent to ottonomousproductions@gmail.com and are due 24 hours later (Oct. 23 at 7pm).

No equipment will be supplied (that is, participants must bring their own). Digital cameras, iPhones, camcorders, GoPros, vintage film recorders—all are welcome.

Submitted films will be uploaded to the Ottonomous Productions sites and social media, and will be aired on the Orange Television Network.