Fall 2016 Upcoming Dates

I am so excited to welcome you all back for another great semester of filmmaking!

There will be a lot going on in the first couple of weeks, so I’m just going to remind you of a few important upcoming events.

Student Involvement Fair: Sept. 7, 11:30am-3pm on the SU Quad. — This is a great opportunity for interested students to speak with current members and get to know more about the club.

OP General Interest Meeting: Sept. 8, 6:30pm Newhouse III room 141. — This meeting is for new members to hear an in-depth description of the club, what we do, what we’re about, etc. Although this is for new members, current members are encouraged to come by, answer questions and be awesome!

Actor open auditions: Sept. 9 – Sept. 10, all day — Open auditions, no acting experience required. Actors will be recorded reading 1-3 short monologues. OP directors will view these videos first when selecting actors for OP productions, thus giving OP actors first dibs on roles.


First full meeting of the semester: Sept. 11, 5:00pm Hall of Languages Room 207. — This meeting is tentatively scheduled for the first Sunday after the GIM. This is when scripts chosen for the semester are revealed and members sign up for positions/roles/etc. VERY IMPORTANT.

Shorts Immersion Weekend: Sept. 17 – Sept. 18 — A fun and hectic weekend for new members to get the chance to jump right into a shoot. After signing up at the first full meeting, members will be sorted into small groups, along with an existing OP member(s), assigned a 2-4 page script, and will spend a few hours getting in introduction to being on set.


Lizzie M.

General Manager